Introducing: The Energizing Smoothie – a bare necessity!

A post brought to you by another sweet, sweet smoothie experiment!  (I’m a scientist in my own mind.  Don’t judge.)


Ahh… yes!  I am feeling experimental, again SO, I decided to gather some favorites from the fridge – in fruit and veggie form.  Because, well, you know why…

A cucumber, a handful of baby carrots, a lemon, one large stick of celery, a ripened banana, yogurt and 100% apple juice.  You may also use water and an apple, to substitute the juice.

Okay – sound delicious?  Of course it does.

And it’s needless to mention the health benefits.  My goodness!

Where to start?

Cucumbers. These veggies are apart of the “superfood” family and are overall one of the best foods for your body. It’s known for it’s vitamin B which will boost energy. Now, cucumbers are mostly made of water so they will also hydrate you all while aiding in weight loss and fighting off cancer. Great? Great!

Carrots. These orange crunchy vitamin A packed veggies are known as “powerfoods”. They can prevent infection, help slow aging cells, improve vision, because of the vitamin A, carrots cleanse the body and, these veggies too, can help prevent cancer. Yes!

Lemons. Wow. GREAT energy booster. GREAT healthy substitute for coffee. GREAT quencher. GREAT digestive aid AND great an awesome weight loss food. Yup. You heard me right.

Celery. Very high in vitamin C which can boost immune systems and help fight-off illness. Celery also lowers and regulates blood pressure and also flushes fluids from the body and, too, is a diet aid. Perfect.

Bananas. These funny curved-shaped yellow fruits contain vitamin B6. B6 acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and also aids in proper nervous system function. Bananas also aid in stomach health and are known to help fight bad acids in the gut which can help the avoidance of ulcers. So why not?

Yogurt. Some serious stuff, here. I don’t quite know where to start. It’s a probiotic, which helps aid in so many, starting from the inside – out. Cleansing and healing your intestines will surely gain you nothing less than a healthier and more vibrant YOU.

Apple juice. A great digestive aid. Eliminates toxins from the body. Wards cancer. And because of the high potassium, aids in arthritis and other joint and muscle pain. Oh – and apple juice is great for the lungs!

Now, of course each fruit and veggie mentioned have many more great and wonderful qualities and benefits, I just pointed out a few.  You’re welcome.

NOW, with knowing this — go blend yo’ smoothies!

Cheers — to great drinks and great health!

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